History of Bebob

Bebob Shoes is a local brand shoes from Bandung, Indonesia, which was established in 1990. Established by a founder who has a passion in shoes and intends to fill women fashion needs. Bebob Founder then began to open a shoes store in Bandung. This experience gave the Founder many lessons and inspired him/her to develop the business. In 1990, Bebob focused on producing shoes collections for teenagers.

The trend of shoes in 1990 was dominated by sandals and thick heels. This can be seen from sandals and shoes worn on fashion show. This trend inspired Bebob to create black shoes with thick soles. Then, this kind of shoes became popular.

Bebob then expanded its business by not only producing shoes for teenagers. With a new spirit of to inspire all Indonesian women to achieve all positive things in life, Bebob implements this spirit by producing a collection of shoes for women aged 30 to 60 years. Until present, Bebob becomes a famous brand of shoes for its authentic design, ansd as comfortable shoes that can be worn in any occasions.

Our Values

  • Bebob intends to meet the fashion needs of all women by producing a collection of shoes that are not only fashionable, but also comfortable.
  • Bebob also intends to inspire all Indonesian women to stick with their passion to achieve their dreams, and also to have a life filled with many positive things.

Why Us

With experience over two decades, Bebob is the best choice. Here’s another reason why Bebob is the right shoes choice:

  • Authentic shoe design
  • Comfortable and best shoes
  • Timeless model that can be used in various atmosphere
  • Durability, can be used in a lifetime